State of the Nation

A blog post usually covers one subject. An opinion that can be summed up in a few short paragraphs. With recent world events of such biblical proportions, it seems that no blog, conversation or published work can do justice to the issues that the world is currently facing. Even I have been lost for words, and that is saying something.

With 24 hour media, we have witnessed the plight of the Japanese people who have endured a magnitude 9 earthquake, 40 foot high tsunami and nuclear fallout all in the same day. A week later Britain took it upon itself to go to war with another oil rich Muslim country under the guise of a UN peace mission, and as the media would have it, diverting attention away from coverage of the Japanese disaster, which three weeks on barely gets a mention.

Amongst all this, the British people found time to raise £74 million for Comic Relief charities, and our Chancellor has delivered a recession busting budget, saving motorists a penny on the price of petrol, despite his 2.5% VAT increase in January.

I’ve always found solace in a fresh perspective. Looking upon the world as an entire planet can make our individual problems appear trivial against the backdrop of the bigger picture. But these last few weeks have been exceptional. I’ve found it increasingly difficult to relocate my perspective, when from all angles the world experiencing unprecedented turbulence.

Closer to home, and in the wake of violence after a TUC protest march where 140,000 public sector workers demonstrated in London against Government cuts, the city that I love so much was, in places, smashed to pieces. The Leader of the Opposition tried to jump on the bandwagon comparing the march with that of the Suffragettes, whilst professional anarchist groups compromised the very process of democracy by sabotaging a peaceful event with their own misinformed self congratulatory ideology.

It’s fair to say that March 2011 will be a month noted in history as one not to be repeated. I feel that Britain is ready for some good news, and unlike the destructive power of nature, it is the collective strength of people that will overcome the current temperament of our nation. We must find the confidence to celebrate the creativity, spirit and good humour of every citizen who is prepared to step forward, speak up and play their part.