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On the Red Eye
Anthony Davis is a British broadcaster with an enormous creative range. His earliest inspiration in show business was courtesy of a meeting with Paul Winchell, voice of Tigger. At fourteen Anthony appeared in BBC sitcoms and drama including ‘Grange Hill’, ‘Tricky Business’ and ‘Press Gang’ in the late eighties, earning him a place in the Radio Times Guide to TV Comedy.

After drama school in London, he worked in Selfridges, Harrods and Hamleys, demonstrating magic tricks by day and performing comedy by night. Anthony used his salary to fund driving lessons and at eighteen hit the road in an A-reg Mitsubishi Colt, to perform in the modern equivalent of the variety genre, corporate entertainment.

Anthony spent the next fifteen years writing, producing and compering annual conferences, trade shows and sales launches for many of the UK’s largest firms and blue chip companies. His ideas and conceptual productions were increasingly lavish and he became known as the Busby Barclay of the business world.

Anthony came into his own as a speech writer and coach, training executives in presentation skills and business plan delivery. By the age of 25, Anthony had accrued over 400 clients, giving him an exclusive insight into the corporate sector.

Anthony’s versatility enabled him to keep crossing over into the media, making appearances on television, radio and film, whilst announcing, hosting and voicing major events and advertising campaigns. These years were an essential apprenticeship in entertainment, show business and the creative arts.

His interest in politics began after hosting a 1997 Election Night special for The Economist. During contracts with ITV London and Carlton Television he worked on Late Night London, The London Debate, Who Wants to be a London Mayor, The G8 Debate, Thursday Night Live, Late Night Live and many other incarnations of television debate programmes with live studio audiences. With his A-Z knowledge of the London region, Anthony proved popular with audiences and television executives alike and he found continued employment in this genre, up to and including the London Mayor ‘You Decide’ programme in 2008.

Anthony’s television quiz show, Stake Out, is still shown today on Challenge TV.

Inevitably, Anthony decided to leave much of his live performance work behind to focus full time on his secret passion, radio. He had practiced the craft since the age of eighteen at the Great Ormond Street Hospital radio GOSH. Anthony joined the Capital Radio Group in 2003 and spent the next few years building a loyal following on Capital Life, theJazz and Jazz FM, culminating in a move to LBC 97.3 in 2006.


As a speech radio broadcaster, Anthony was able to bring all his skills learned in business, entertainment and media together, serving London, his city with passion and wisdom, advising on social affairs and civil issues, listening and learning about the views of Londoners. Anthony’s instinct, humour and charm became a ratings success for LBC, resulting in the highest audience share in the station’s history (23.5% market share).

In January 2014, and after 8 years of late nights, Anthony stepped down from his LBC talk show to host the ‘Smooth Drive Home’ on Smooth Radio across the UK, weekdays at 4pm. His new sensible working hours enabled him time to return to acting, writing, comedy and magic, fulfilling a lifelong ambition to never grow up.

In 2017 Anthony relocated with his family to Los Angeles, California to continue his work as a voice actor, writer and journalist.


52 thoughts on “About Anthony

  1. Hi Anthony,
    What a lovely surprise to hear you on Smooth (Sky) today.
    I used to listen to LBC during the night. Great programme and great voice.
    Best wishes for your afternoon show and hope all well with you.
    Kind Regards,
    Maureen Smith

  2. The nights are never the same on LBC. I think Ashley Tubor should post you back to LBC to redraw in the listeners on the day time slots. You do a great show with Smooth I always tune in but LBC needs you back, it’s turned pretty grim, people on Facebook are complaining badly. Ashley Tubor if you read this please bring back this LBC anchor man !

  3. I cant be bothered listening to LBC now your not there Anthony,, when you went from overnights to 10 to 1 i switched my habits to fit in with your show and loved listening and talking to you on both the overnight shows and night time shows.
    Im now your offical radio stalker you are the only presenter in all my years of listening to LBC that i have ever followed to another station, that shows what a good broadcaster you are..


  5. Good luck Anthony, your replacement on LBC isn’t fit to tie your shoes. Its Smooth radio for me now. A loyal listener. Terry (you’ve guessed it) Milton Keynes.

  6. Shame u packd up yur lbc night show .. enjoyd listen to u but the big loss is that u understood and spoke about what the people felt .. u leave a massive void. Yur lbc show stimulated me and triggered many conversations in my black cab … id b running a sloany about … yud b talking about nhs and up went the volume so they could hear. Big shame .. big loss .. smooths too soporific for me. G

  7. Anthony,
    I’ve listened to you since 2010, you were the first voice I ever heard when I tuned into LBC for the first time back then, myself and my partner whom you’ve both spoken to love your shows on LBC. you’re a true gentleman to every listener you talk to, there’s nothing better than speech radio when every call is treated as individually as you make it. Speech radio will always have a special place and there’s no place like LBC!!

  8. You light up my day, every morning, on LBC (I live in Singapore, that explains the time difference haha). You’re my favourite LBC radio host and the first thing I look forward to every morning when I wake up is to hear your voice!

  9. Anthony….
    Am sooooooooooooooo Happy to have you back on LBC, have missed your wit, banter and intelligent conversation, you are a ‘STAR’!
    Such a shame that we are losing Clive Bull another ‘STAR’ of LBC :o(
    I hope that all goes well with the hours you are doing, make sure you look after yourself :o)

  10. So glad to hear you’re coming back Anthony. You have been missed by all of us nighthawks who appreciate intelligent and wry late night conversation. Unfortunate that you are replacing an equally good man (as opposed to someone like the present incumbent of your old slot) but we’re delighted to be able to listen to you again. Good luck with difficult hours you are taking on with LBC and Jazz FM.

    Geoff Lawrence

  11. Anthony, you are sorely missed in your old through the night slot, I do try to catch you whenever I can though. Im just glad your busy and turning up everywhere 🙂

    All the nest

    Marty Dee Donovan

  12. Anthony,
    You are sorely missed on LBC mate – I enjoyed my chats with you the most above everyone else. You are the most engaging, entertaining, polite, intelligent and funny presenter I ever had the pleasure to talk to. My nights will be even longer now that you have left.
    Hope you’re well mate,
    Take care
    Robert (RAHND the Castle)

  13. hi anthony. according to your experience at the Commonwealth Games: you are the speaker at the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games London 2012?

  14. Well i just had to say a big thank you, you kept me company (virtually of course) through every night feed for my first baby and then again for my second, sadly then a divorce and sleepless nights with the children, the news years eve shows were unmissable, you put a smile on my face, you and all your great callers, and had me trying hard not to laugh out loud on many an occassion. What a warm, charming, talented broadcaster you are, I wish you all the best on Jazz fm.

  15. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO… why must you leave my nights so EMPTY. Perhaps you do not comprehend how immensely vital you are to the radio! You are the end-all be-all of broadcasting and by removing yourself from lbc you take with you everything!
    In any case, I hope this is at Least benefitting you and please keep posting, performing and broadcasting whenever you can.

  16. Anthony, I always found your LBC show interesting and inspiring, and will miss it a great deal. I never actually rang in because my wife needs to sleep undisturbed, but you kindly read many of my texts to listeners, and for that I am very grateful. I hope you are settling into your new job smoothly and enjoying it. With repeated thanks and all good wishes for the future!
    Aelred (in Sutton)


  18. Anthony, so sorry to hear you have left LBC but I am sure I join countless other listeners in (reluctantly!!!) agreeing that your health goes before our pleasure. You are a fantastic presenter with the perfect blend of humour, seriousness, sympathy, and down to earthness (it is a word!). You’ll be missed by thousands of Londoners, and many more who, like me, listen online from overseas. Look after yourself, and I sincerely hope to hear you back on the airwaves one day in the future. Thanks for all the hours of listening pleasure you have provided. Love and best wishes, Maria.

  19. Yesterday was not the same without you Anthony but a beautiful sunset over Westminster on the way home. Hope it means Spring is on the way.

    No Blog this week? surely it can’t mean that you have nothing to say!!!


  20. ah I have been wondering but I could not ask anyone..but then today I thought Hold on let me go on line and check,

    I could not believe it but not MUCH surprised ..
    THE BEST DON’T LAST.. The last time you were away being ill ..having problems with your throat..
    I was like thank God he is back,

    Hey whatever you DO I know and many OTHERS know too you will do it so WELL..
    what ashame ..How am I going to sleep now .. my Mater is in Qatar ..and now my best Radio presenter is No more too.. xx

  21. Anthony
    Since the death of a very good friend, I have found it hard to sleep at night and for the last two years, you have kept me company on some very lonely nights. I loved your conversations with Jean!

    Lets hope you are fully recovered soon and may be come back to LBC, like others have said the 1am-5am are not the same without you.
    good luck and look after yourself.x

  22. Yes, I loved ‘ Mrs Brown’s Boys’ too Anthony. Some real LOL moments. But how did I watch Graham Norton again and not realise ‘Shine a Light’ was on channel4? I saw it at the IMAX Waterloo when it came out but cannot believe I did not see it was on T.V. tonight.
    Opening of London Olympics should definitely be The Stones, all introduced and commentated on by AD. I have sent an email to Olympic website accordingly.


  23. Miss you so much, Anthony, look after yourself and keep that unique personality and intelligent thoughtful outlook on life always! You were an inspirational friend to thousands through the night. It was a joy to welcome in the New Year with you when we did that multi caller Auld Lang Syne!! So whatever you turn your talents to in 2011 I wish you great success!

    • Are you the Elizabeth who spoke to Anthony – think it was Boxing Day and you had all your family with you? – always enjoyed your chats, you sound a lovely lady. I am listening to Anthony’s podcasts but not the same as
      ‘ Anthony live’.


  24. Hello Sir Anthony,
    I was shocked to find that you are no longer on the OverNight show b/w 1 and 5am anymore.Will really miss you old guy.Your show was very interesting,with alot of humour and deep soul-searching topics.I do hope you come back at some point during the day.

  25. “The only time to eat diet food is while you’re waiting for the steak to cook”~ Julia Child.

    Did you ever see the film Julie and Julia? if so, you will know why my friend and I came out of the cinema and went straight to the nearest cafe and had chocolate cake!!!


  26. Really missing you. Not a good sleeper but having you to listen to made life so much easier, However, health must come first. i just hope lbc gives you a new day time slot as soon as you are ready. Until the next time we hear you take care and will think of you on our short cruise on the Queen Elizabeth in May. All the best Val

  27. Hi Anthony,

    I only found out this morning via a brief comment from Steve Allen on his show this morning that you’d gone – such a shame, I think you are a very talented natural broadcaster, and I hope you will return someday.
    Your show was so good that I would often stay awake the whole night listening to you, there was something very seamless and fluid listening to Clive, then you, then Steve, then Nick,,, LBC certainly know how to pick great people…you’re up there with the best of them.

    Regards and good health from Jordan. Clevedon UK

  28. I just want to say, I really enjoyed listening to you on LBC, first, 1 -5 am on the weekends, and then this time in the weekdays.
    I remember the first time I listened to you, I think it was three-four years and, you were talking about shop security staff who follow people around, and you ended up doing a little sketch with the sound effects, I could NOT stop laughing.
    Late nights can take their toll on in the end, so it is right that you made a choice based on your health, though it is irritating that LBC did not offer you a day time slot.
    You were one of the best presenters, you always tried to remain objective and balanced, unlike some of the others, sorry,but this is the truth.
    Anyway, take care of yourself, and this Xmas if you are performing with Steve Allen (my third fav, after Cristo) count me in.

  29. Me and all my girl friends have finally agreed on how too describe the way we feel at your departure from your 1-5 slot and LBC – widowed. Yep, we feel widowed and utterly soul destryed…

  30. Hi Anthony,I’ve just read read that you have left LBC, I just wanted to say I will miss you loads, I so looked forward to hearing your show with your great humour and intelligent comment.
    I just hope it won’t be to long before we hear you on a talk station again.
    The very best to you Anthony, and as the Dolphins said in Hitchikers Guide..” Thanks for the fish “.
    Best wishes

  31. Hey Ant,

    Please come back soon, until then half the nation will catch up on its sleep until you do. It’s not the same without you mate. Like myself, I have a feeling most of London, most of the UK and others, stay up, wake up, work, rest and play along while listening to you.

    Best wishes in whatever you do, and I hope your return to the airwaves is not too far away.

    Until then all crusie ships brace themselves for Anthony Davis!

  32. I knew something was wrong when Cristo kept failing to mention “I’m in for Anthony” this week. Well I’ve kind of worked out what’s happened now and I, like thousands of others, am absolutely devastated. Remember from my very first shift on XFM you came and saw me and you knew even from then, how much of an inspiration you’ve been to me. Please keep in touch otherwise I’ll have to stalk you. Hope you’re feeling well my man. Shak x

  33. Hello Anthony, I really will miss your late night LBC show – you really are a talented broadcastor and posses the key comminication skills to move and touch your listeners with any subject – your ability to talk about human emotions/relationships have brought me much comfort and reassurance throughout the years – I really wish you well and hope you will return soon to LBC – THANK YOU

  34. I’m so sad you’ve left the night time waves I’ve even shed a tear. My radio was set to go off at 1am every morning for many years and I will miss you very much. You have kept me entertained most mornings! There is no one else anywhere as good as you and you will be greatly missed from the morning airwaves. I hope you can catch up on some much needed sleep and I look forward to hearing about all your new ventures. Thank you very much for keeping us all company over your time at LBC. I hope we can hear you again in your own daytime talk show soon. With love & thanks, Anna in Preston.

  35. Hi Anthony,I like everybody else am very sad that you have left LBC, but your health is so important – and 5yrs of overnights must really have taken their toll. — I wonder how many other sleep deprived listeners of yours are now able to enjoy a good nights sleep too !! Your warm voice and personality kept me awake many nights when I should have been sleeping……
    It’s still great to hear you on Jazz, but thanks for all the pleasure you have brought us over the years on LBC – you are a great broadcaster.Take care friend and hopefully one day you’ll be back at a more sociable hour.
    Warmest wishes Pam g xx

  36. Hi Anthony. Such sad news that you have left LBC, you will be missed by so many people. I understand your reasons for going and I hope you will come back one day (perhaps a daytime show).
    Wishing you well in everything you do.
    Lots of love

  37. Hi Ant,
    I have almost enjoyed being awake during the night as I have had you to keep me company and amused until it was time to get up! But as others have said you have to look after your health which is so important.
    Hope you feel better soon and will keep in contact via your new blog and twitter.
    Take care and hope to hear you again soon?
    LoL David 😀

  38. Hi Anthony, It was quite a shock when I opened the email from LBC today about new faces and dropping the bombshell that you had now left LBC for personal reasons. You and your programmes have brought so much pleasure and comfort to millions of listeners like me. Your warmth and personality and cheery voice will be sadly missed, especially by me. I don’t twitter but hope at some stage you will create your own website so we can keep up with any new ventures. Wish you well, and heartfelt thanks for all the pleasure you bring to me and millions of other avid Anthony Davis followers. Hugz Ray

  39. Hi Anthony. Hope you’re alright. I enjoyed listening to your show very much, online in Japan. With the time difference, it was the best breakfast show on any station anywhere. Great debate but above all great humour. I’ll be listening out for you on the radio waves (or Internet wave thingies). Wishing you all the very best. Trev in Kyoto

  40. Hi Anthony, so sad to hear you have resigned from LBC, It won’t be the same without you my friend. I’ll miss your shows.

    Hope you are well and take good care.

    Mike Cullen. Stay Well

  41. You have been teetering on the brink for some time now. You are without a doubt a very talented presenter but no good to anyone if you are ill. Sleep has been an enormous problem and, unfortunately, will get you in the end. Therefore, even though from a selfish point of view I want you back now, I would rather wait a while and have you better and on that note I wish you a speedy recovery because you are the nicest. most interesting, best voice to listen to and inteligent with it beeeeeesssssstest presenter on LBC and life is dreary without you friend. x Patricia and the Bolden family

    • I still think your talents are wasted at the present time. Radio is your forte, but your thoughts and opinions are unique. Talk radio needs you.

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