Welcome to the official blog of Anthony Davis

Welcome to my official blog. (A blend of the word web-log, apparently). 

Here you will find weekly musings on the British way of life. Political, social and civil issues, matters of real life, health and heart. You can reply and respond. Hopefully the themes will make you think, laugh, cry, and contact your local council to request a rebate.

Following in the success of Martin’s Money Saving Tips, my blog will aim to offer advice, tips and tricks on how to negotiate the modern world, without falling victim to consumerism. It’s an online conversation, giving us both an opportunity to vent.

I’ve much to say, and plenty of time with which to say it. So please follow this blog, hold on to the Twitter thing and anything else I can extricate from the internet for free for your entertainment.

Here’s to the rest of our lives….

102 thoughts on “Welcome to the official blog of Anthony Davis

  1. Hi Anthony. Its really sad that you have stepped down from your show as I have always enjoyed them. I do agree that your health must come first so I will miss you and look forward to your future contributions to LBC. You are a wonderful person and I wish you all the luck in the world for your future.

  2. Anthony, I’ve sent an e mail to LBC to protest their failure to bend over backwards to keep you happy and well. You were why I started listening and I’m very sad you’ve gone. I still like Christo and Steve but they don’t hold a candle to you. On the bright side, I have gotten back into jazz music. Missing you, Catherine

  3. I couldn’t find any info about why you had left LBC. I MISS you! I listened to you on headphones all night while my husband snored. I pray you weren’t sacked because you were, and are, a fantastic sensitive, intelligent and FUNNY broadcaster. I can see that slot is not healthy for anyone. LBC should let you do three nights on and four nights off, or at least have some guests with you – like Steve Allen does – so the pressure isn’t on you so intensely. Better still for your health as all the others on blog say – you should be on at another time. You have earned it.
    You should write a book about weird and quirky places in London, you know it so well.
    Come back soon. Fran x

  4. Just found your blog Ant! Following you on Twitter as well. Promise, I am not a stalker! I agree with all the comments above. Thank you so much for your company in the wee hours, when sleep eluded me (still does!)….your caring, witty and intelligent banter with your callers is something I miss very much.

    Take care Ant,

    Love Annie (SmallIrish) xx

  5. Anthony I am so upset that you have gone. I have emailed Jonathan Richards at LBC suggesting that he do whatever is necessary to get you back on the radio.

    Is there the possibility that you will fill in when Clive Bull goes on holiday? I certainly hope so! What about the Saturday morning show? When I hear James Max’s show I despair! Mr. Max sounds so desperate for people to phone in. His Sunday show is fantastic and I have always loved it, however his Saturday show is awful. I find myself counting how many times he says “what do YOU think?” and I cringe each time.

    I hope your health is improving and life is good with you.

    Much love,
    Mags in Bloomsbury xx

  6. Hey anthony, I read your tweet about concord. Have you been on the concord experience at Brooklands in Surrey. Check it out. You’d love it. X.

  7. Hi Anthony,

    As you see I’m wide awake at 2 AM. I was just going to turn off computer and go to bed and listen to your podcasts when I saw new twitter id. Look forward to following you and reading your usual entertaining and informative posts.

    Hope your weekend is going well.


  8. Hi Ant I was suffering from my insomnia again last night and turned on the radio for company. Oh how I miss you and your caring manner, warm tones and wisdom. You are very hard to replace. Hope you are well, take care xx

  9. Hi Anthony,

    Only realised you’d left this week when someone asked Steve Allen about it. Hadn’t listened overnight recently but both I and my partner John had on many occasions in the past and as well as the great debates I just loved the sound of your voice. I’m getting the idea from other messages that it was for health reasons and that a return may be on the cards in the not too distant future?!!
    I was lucky enough to come to Steve’s Dec show so saw you in the flesh.

    Hope by the end of 2011 you’re fighting fit and back on LBC in some capacity. Perhaps the 7 til 10pm slot would suit?!! ;o)

    Take good care and I look forward to your next blog,

    Deb :o) x

  10. Hi Anthony,
    Missing you in the evenings through the long nights when I can’t sleep. However thank you for all those nights you have kept me company. You’re a fantastic chap and so pleased I came across you on LBC via my DAB radio a few year’s ago. I used to particularly find that quiz of yours, when you rumpled those papers each time, very funny if not irritating!! 🙂

    Good luck and hope to hear you at sometime in the future. I so miss your interesting thoughts and opinions on life etc.


  11. Hi Anthony,i work night in Dublin Ireland and we always had you on with and from may im going to days a 9amto5pm job.Hope you be back on the radio very very soon let me know

  12. 10.00 a.m. till 1.00 p.m Monday to Friday would be ideal. He deserves more people to listen to him i.e. through the day. He is so interesting and comical. He makes me laugh out loud. It should be compulsary for all wayward children to have to listen to him for two hours a day just to get a sense of morals, manners and respect. The world might be a better place then.
    Oh Anthony, you’ve got a lot to answer for. he he

  13. I hope that he is still up for covering the occasional holiday for other presenters. Everyone else comes from a journalistic background on LBC but Anthony was unique having a showbiz & comedy background. That is not to say he was ever lacking in a sensible opinion on most things.

  14. Most people (9-5ers) (ie me!) would prefer AD to broadcast in the evenings. LBC has got very political lately – too much of which becomes VERY boring!! (Remember when we used to have the 3am quiz?)

    Radio, T.V. internet, etc etc already bombard us with political news and views morning noon and night. We need some light and shade, which is where Ant is superb.

    It’s the personal touch which makes him different, his life and thoughts are like a soap opera – with comedy. And like Corrie and Enders, we are all addicted.

    Lighten up LBC, before we go elsewhere for our entertainment (oops, too late)….

    PS: Ant – why the two blog parts on this one site? And when/where will you start tweeting?

    • Lizzie I totally agree they have become very political, and yes it does get very very boring, especially when one presenter talks about the same thing as the one previous. Had to smile not everyone is addicted to Endes and Corrie, I prefer the radio any day have not watched either for many many years.

  15. I don’t think there is any doubt surrounding the talent of Anthony and his unique ability when it comes to talk radio.

    I think that if Anthony was to return to talk radio he would not be suitable for every time slot. I could not see him doing a Nick Ferrari or James Whale they are both really good at what they do. He could never replace the likes of Clive Bull and Steve Allen.

    I think if I am correct Anthony is still doing mid morning on Jazz but I am not sure. That would rule him out of where I would put him, that is as a replacement for the very annoying (in my opinion) James O’Brian.

    Given that most of the people on here appear to be women I think Anthony would be good in the slot currently covered by Petrie Hoskin. Nothing against her but I think she is getting a little over bearing and going the same way as that other lady that filled the afternoon slot. Maybe move Petrie back to an evening slot.

    I don’t personally listen to LBC too much during the weekend days.

    Nick Abbott has superb wit and is well suited to his current slot and deserves more air time but not nights, he did it once I think and it didn’t work.

    Overnight is what Anthony excelled at so I would love to see him back at weekends instead of that Nick Margerine guy who just doesn’t seem to get to grips with his show.

    Of course you will all have differing opinions and my thoughts are based on Anthony wanting to return to a station like LBC.

    Any body have any other thoughts.

    Take care all

    • I think he should stay away from the overnighters for the time being until he gets his health in order. I agree re the afternoon slot Monday – Friday as I also have huge trouble with Petrie, but……..I disagree with your remark regarding ‘the other lady’ who did the afternoon slot, I adored Jeni and stil llisten to her on a Sunday morning on Radio London. Not totally sure but I think Anthony pre records his slot on Jazz FM, perhaps someone could confirm this. Maybe Anthony could cross over to Radio London it does have some good slots. I still feel LBC must absolute must look at their Saturday programming as the whole day is just awful.

    • anthony, if you’re ever free for lunch i would be happy to meet up. i can come to london. you have my e-mail. i’ll sit at my computer until i get your reply xx

  16. Hello Anthony
    So sorry you’ve left LBC. Your prog got me thro’ the night!
    You were one of LBC’s best presenters. As a former producer there, I simply cannot understand them.
    Katy x

  17. Ok it is cards on the table time !! he could have Saturday all day up up until 10pm Saturdays are rubbish, Sunday, well I listen to Jeni Barnett on Radio London from 9-12 then Simon Calder so after Simon up to 10pm would fit nicely. I can see getting myself banned shortly !!! xxhugxx

  18. Anthony, I think I’ve sussed it. I’m the same as Lindy and have to turn LBC off between 3 and 7 on a Sunday as I can’t bear it!! So I’ve been listening to your podcast; the first one you did when you returned from your cruise. I think you’ve got too tubby to get out of bed. Not a surprise when you eat a lobster and 2 beef wellingtons in one sitting!!!! Am I right? Luv Jules xxx

    • I rather think that it would be good to wake up to Anthony on a Sunday morning; it would give us all something NICE to listen to for a change. Failing that podcasts from your living room will keep us going until then. You could do them in you jimmers, Ant. Your Spiderman ones.

      • Trouble is Maxine I listen to Jeni Barnet on Radio London on Sunday morning from 9-12 would hate him to clash with her show. Any slot on a Saturday or sunday 3 – 7 would be fantastic.

  19. Marion we also enjoyed the shows Ant did over Christmas. Hopefully he will be coming though our radio speakers from somewhere in the future. Main thing is to get him back on form. xxhugxx

  20. Hi Anthony!
    Like all the other emailers I can’t believe you have left us insomniacs & night workers…you are a truelly remarkable & unique broadcaster…you care about your listeners..show love & compassion when needed…have a great sense of humour…tell remarkable stories of things that have happened to you…& have sensitive & sensible views on life in the world today!…
    The night time shift MUST have been very difficult & detremental to your health…it was GREAT hearing you during the day over the Christmas/New year period last year…much kinder to you too!…GOOD LUCK in all you do in the future dear Anthony…look after yourself….I hope you will return to a day time talk show VERY soon!…Miss you LOTS….love Marion xx

  21. I was talking to barry from watford in the market yesterday , he want to come to lunch at the watford toby too, he said he would give you a ring BOB—- from watford

  22. Hi Anthony,

    I am coping through the night at the moment, by listening to your podcasts but I really miss your tweets. I remember especially, the night of the X Factor final. Your comments were far more entertaining than the show!!


  23. Hi Anthony please take good care of yourself and get plenty of sleep and come back soon miss you so much.After 4 years listening to you it feels so empty.You have been such a help to me.Hope you received my email.Looking forward to your blog.Once again take care Lots of love Chrissie in Hornchurch xx

  24. Not sure how blogs work, will Anthony speak to us brereft followers on this or do I have to go into something else?

    Miss you Anthony x

  25. Hi Anthony,

    I hope you are adjusting to your new regime. I guess it’s difficult after so long to change your whole way of life.

    Have a great weekend and we all look forward to hearing from you soon.



  26. AntHony, am can only echo all above, everyone loves you. Hope you’re feeling good soon, spring is ’round the corner.

    You’re a winner and dammit, we are writing to you on your blog due to grieving and missing you. We are pining PINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Christo puts me to sleep too, sweet as he is …so at least I haven’t got a weird sleep-pattern anymore – you should be on in daytime.

    Was thinking you oughtta go into movies/TV again, you are always gonna have a ton of fans as you’re cute. Even if you do look like that hypnotist bloke (can’t stand him, love you)

    P xx

  27. Thank you for making night wakings with my two so much more bearable.

    I will miss you so much, you were a riot and education all in one.

    I may have to resort to drugging the wee ones!

    Are your london walk routes available to see online?

    Glad to hear you are feeling much better, thank you again.

    Take care

    Danella – Woodford

  28. Ant was the only presenter I would stay awake for in the middle of the night. He was the reason for my zombie-like state during daylight hours but he was worth it. Christo seems like a lovely fellow but not in the same league as Ant.

    • Hi Laura Ant has done another blog ‘Social Networking’ not sure how you find it though, I did by accident !! Tried to add you to my FB but cannot find you lol xxhugxx

  29. Jules what a brilliant brilliant suggestion, we are of course assuming that Anthony wants to return to LBC, he may have other irons in the fire xxhugxx

  30. Like another comment – I have never felt the need to write to someone I didn’t know. But there is always a first time!

    Just to say that I didn’t get to hear you as much as I would have liked – certainly since you did weekday night s from weekends. But whenever I did hear you (NYE shows were the best) I could hear your passion for radio and people.

    And whilst never living in the capital, what was very apparant to me was your passion for London.

    Take care matey, hope to hear you again soon – top fella

    John – Lincoln

  31. Hey I have found a cure for my insomnia !!!!! Christo ! Ant listening to you it was a pleasure to be awake during the dark hours. Would not wish the night shift on anyone, so do appreciate your need for a break. xxhugxx

    • Hi Lindy, let’s all vote for Ant to take over the 4.00 Sunday show. Then we could all stop falling to sleep when James Max is on and Ant could have a relaxing return to work. Win, win, win!! Luv Jules x

  32. Look what you have done Anthony!! You have left us all (especially the ladies!) heartbroken!! We should all form a group “Anthony Davis’s Lost Souls”!!

    • I know, Laura. He teases us with promises of japes, musings and entertainment; I wonder when Rip Van Winkle Davis will drag himself from blissful slumber in Westminster to regale us with stories of malfunctioning microwaves, spats with Royal Mail, painfully unripe, tasteless bananas or the latest shenanigans in the Houses of Parliament. I am pretty sure he must be missing us by now, don’t you think? There’s only so much Jazz one can listen to in one day, Ant, c’mon….

  33. Hi Anthony
    I am so pleased you are ok. Understand the health situation and hope you get better soon. Relax mate take it easy and get yourself sorted.

    Nights on LBC are simply not the same. Your unique talent and ability to be on the same wavelength as many people cannot be matched. Your grasp and understanding of many matters that affect so many of us is superb.

    Maybe when James ( I love myself) O’Brian goes on holiday you could sit in for him.

    Really hope to hear you soon but take care because many of us really do care.



    • Now there’s a thought Graham! Don’t know why I didn’t think of that. I always retune at 10.00am to Talk Sport or 5 Live ‘cos I can’t stand James O’Brian’s attitude towards callers. He listens to part of what they are saying, then over-shouts them and never gives them credit for their opinions ‘cos he knows best and always wants the final word. Anthony from 10.00am to 1.00pm would be absolutely perfect.

  34. hi anthony, really going to miss you. you were by far the best presenter at lbc. cant they offer you a daytime slot? although i’ll miss you im glad you’ve stepped down. it cant have been good for your body at all. i did worry about you! now i wont wake up just to listen either so it will do me good too. perhaps now you will be able to find a girlfriend.i dont think you will have a problem there at all. i am just wondering what the hell jean is going to do…

    • Tess….. I’d marry him in a heartbeat, look after him and cook him all his faves. All I’d ask in return is his babies. He’ll have no probs. First fell in love when he told the tale of when a fellow guest at a wedding had a matching dress of another. He told her the other woman may have the dress on but she was WEARING it. What a gent. ‘You had me at hello’ moment. xx

  35. It’s so great to read all the lovely messages from people who have seen all the same endearing qualities that I first recognised when you hit the airwaves what seems like 100 years ago. Not having you on air is taking some time to get used to; it really is like losing a friend and I guess a lot of us are taking time to adjust. I draw comfort from the fact that you are too fine a broadcaster and too nice a chap not to be back on radio somewhere and at some time soon. Talent like yours is in very short supply; there aren’t many out there who are able to connect with the listenership on the level that you did, there aren’t many with the emotional intelligence to know how to interact so perfectly with the callers. You just get it.

    It was always more than just a radio show, Anthony, and I think these messages of love and support are testament to the way that you have touched every single one of us from the very first day we heard you. As someone said previously: anyone with Anthony Davis in their lives is extraordinarily fortunate.

    Anyway, that’s quite enough hot air blown up your tuchus for now….all I can say is that I, like many, have my fingers crossed you won’t be gone too long and in the meantime look forward to reading your blog. It seems as though you have a pretty good following already so can’t wait to hear your musings, and for us all to have a ‘chinwag’ with you again.

    Lots of love

  36. Ant, was so sorry to hear you had left LBC, I do hope you feel more rested soon and that you return at a better time for you really soon. No one can replace you during the long nights. Your humour and empathy was very special and you felt a friend to me. Anyone who has you in their life is very lucky. Take care and get well soon. xx Janna from Guildford

  37. hi ant, lets hope you get your body clock back to normal soon, miss you not being on lbc throughout the night like many many others do, a big part of us has gone away, chin up and stay well, guess its early nights now for me, wish you well and hurry back pleazzzzeeee xxxx love your new site.

  38. I know how you feel Victoria. I only got listening to Anthony in the last year or so, wished I had listened to him earlier now. I have been walking round with a sad face all week mourning the loss of Anthony from LBC. If you read this Anthony, please get back on the airwaves soon, not those ridiculously late hours but a decent time! You have so many fans out there. xx

  39. Oh Anthony, it feels like I have lost a member of my family!! You would make me giggle out loud with your beautiful outlook of this world. You are the antidote to all that’s wrong out there but what’s sad is I don’t think you realise quite how special you are. So many of your own stories I carry with me and can’t imagine nights without them. Whenever I listen to goo goo dolls I’ll eat a malted milk dipped in tea and think of you. *sniff-sniff* xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  40. Thanks for the reminder about podcasts since Im a light weight I have least the last 2h of your shows to enjoy for the first time 🙂

    • How nice to be hearing you in some way, Mr Davis! Not the same as listening to your dulcet tones though. So does this sleep mask really help then? I wonder if I should give it a bash, not sure about the science though.

  41. Hi Anthony,

    I had a longish bus journey today (no, not the green bus) and was listening to an old podcast and just wondered if you still have the ‘Glo to sleep’ and did you ever pay your Mum for it?


  42. Hallo Ant
    Really sorry youre not on LBC now, love LBC and your programme by far, far, far the best.Always podcasted although didnt get chance to listen to them all. Interesting topics and totally in tune with my way of thinking. Will miss u very much Ant and keep smiling :¬)
    Karen in Lancashire x

  43. Anthony, love and cuddles. Met you at the show. Am really missing you. I don’t think you know how great your show is and how much comfort people get from listening to you and your callers. Who am I going to podcast and take on holiday now? Luv julia from Donny

  44. Very upset to hear that you are no longer presenting the overnight
    show. On a positive note I may be able to sleep more as there are no presenters that will match up to your programme. You were my favourite. Never brave enough to call in but I was absolutely adicted to listening to your show. Good luck with your future ventures.

  45. AntHony!

    What *did* you DO? Love and miss you’s. PP xx

    PS. Hope you’re well, why the mystery? Let us all help you for a change? xx

  46. Hi Anthony, only found out you had gone when I received a mail out from LBC – I was so upset I exclaimed out loud in a Library!
    Weekday evenings are not the same without you and are never going to be. Your talent and empathy with people deserve a day time slot – but us working folk will always hanker to have you overnight!
    Look forward to your new horizons – recommend chicken soup as the panacea for all.
    Keep us informed of where we can hear you next.
    Chin Chin!

  47. Glad you have not escaped us! Cant belive it take me this long to tiwg you left. Glad can still listen to your crazy ways 🙂

  48. Hi Anthony,
    I shall miss your early morning comments – I’ve never felt motivated to write to anyone I don’t know, but you really connect with people in a charming way and never belittle their views. Thank you for that ….and I look forward to looking at your views on modern life. C

  49. Very sorry to loose you from LBC. Please let us know when you will be back on the radio. Looking forward to reading your blog.
    Look after yourself!

    Nadine in Harrow 🙂 x

  50. Hi Ant missing your company and your interesting and entertaining show during the early hours and also as a podcast. Hope you are well, you are well loved and respected as a presenter. Look forward to your blogs. Jilly

  51. Hello Anthony – I’m so shocked to learn you have left us overnight at LBC – I suppose you were suffering healthwise as you were very ill for a very longtime last year. I hope to find out where you’ll be broadcasting again, but will miss your nighlty “ruminations” even though you don’t know what they are!, as nights are when I tune into the radio most. Still health must be 1st in our priorities – what are any of us without it? . Wish you lots of luck – and don’t change a thing , just be yourself.

    • Hi Ant, found your blog, and miss your voice and sweet disposition on the radio in the evenings. I hope this finds you in good health and happy times. Take good care of yourself, okay? I will keep reading if you keep writing.

  52. Hi Anthony,

    I miss you so much during the night it’s unbearable. I know you have to do what’s right for you and I’m looking forward to hearing you on live radio again some time in the not too distant future.

    Love you the most.

    Big hug
    Anne in Vienna

  53. So pleased you can still keep in touch with us all. You’ve been a real inspiration to me, and your time on LBC saw me through some really tough times, so thank you. But now, and rightly so, you’ve put yourself and your health first. Take care. And keep on blogging. Jo. X.

  54. Why why why, stay at lbc your shows are the best on lbc . What a waste, such a shame your leaving . Send nights listening now what to do???

  55. Anthony with a haitch, I am bereft. Miss you in Canada you were my favourite presenter at 5pm our time, blew the local shows out of the water. Can’t listen now, the replacement is too fluffy.
    Best of luck and hurry back on to the air soon!

  56. Hi Ant
    It’s good that you have this blog but not the same as hearing you on the radio. Miss you loads on LBC. I was so upset on hearing that you had left but your health must come first. Please let us all know when and if we can hear you on the airwaves again in the future.
    Laura xx

  57. Hi Anthony So pleased to know you are ok. I used to miss you on Fridays & weekends when you were not on air & now you are not there at all. Such great company for insomniacs, always wanted to call but didnt want to wake the family. Look forward to following your blog. Take care & keep in touch with us. Love & best wishes Joanne. Essex

  58. Hello Anthony, I’m pretty sure I e-mailed you on New Years day but I’ll tell you again. You were the first presenter I ever heard on LBC and ever since you’ve remained my favourite, it was last year on New Years day whilst you broke the New Year I tuned into LBC for the first time and what a rememberable date it was :D. It was really nice hearing you break the New Year again this year and I was hoping that if you were ever to leave you would of let us know in advanced so we could give you millions of e-mails in saying good luck, haha. But anyway I guess you done the right thing and I hope you get some good rest now, hopefully someday you’ll return with a better time slot and carry on entertaining everyone listening to LBC. By the way does this mean you won’t be presenting the Biggin Hill Airfare anymore? :(.

  59. Hi Anthony

    Very sorry indeed to lose you from LBC, but also very pleased for you if a drastic change was needed. Thanks for being a decent, humane, and hugely entertaining broadcaster – you’ll be sorely missed by many thousands in London and beyond, no doubt. Please let us know when you’re back on the airwaves!

    Best wishes mate,

  60. Anthhony its good to see you are ok, have a good rest and you will soon get better. Now you will have more time we must have that lunch at the watford Toby carvery one day, ill lok forward to it, good luck BOB

  61. Hi Ant, quite frankly I’m devastated that you’re not on LBC at the moment. Take care of yourself buddy; get some regular sleep and a healthy(ish) diet. You’re our number one presenter on LBC, in fact our favourite on the whole of internet radio….and that’s a lot of stations!!

  62. You will be missed in our house – glad we got to see you at Mermaid in Dec – look 4ward to blog much love the Wright household

  63. Hi Anthony,

    It’s good to see you back in circulation. Sorry you won’t be keeping me company during the small wee hours but your health must come first.

    I look forward to this Blog.



  64. Sounds great Anthony, I look forward to reading your future posts. Your radio show kept me company during many nights of insomnia, although I never got up the courage to phone in.

  65. Lovely to see you back, Ant. Although you weren’t gone long you were missed by many. Looking forward to reading your thoughts, rambles and rants in the future.

  66. Hi Anthony have bookmarked your blog now and i wish you all the best for future projects and hope to hear you maybe at more human hours of the day on radio. All the best.

  67. Hi Anthony, I used to listen to your overnight show down here in Hastings. Hope you’re doing okay and get back on speech radio again soon.

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