Why it is right to close St Paul’s Cathedral

Last night on LBC 97.3 I discussed the ongoing anti capitalism protest outside St Paul’s Cathedral. As the numbers grow, and the camp spreads to Finsbury Square, the Cathedral has closed it’s doors for the first time since the Second World War.

Having spent Saturday at the protest myself, I witnessed with my own eyes the peaceful, grass roots, organic demo featuring people of all ages and all social backgrounds. Not unwashed hippies, but regular hard working people who have taken time out to highlight an issue that affects us all.

Despite my support of the cause, I do have concerns about a potentially confused message. There are now so many negative effects of capitalism, that the protesters might benefit from a simpler directive. Banning capitalism ain’t possible, we’re too far gone. Instead we need a sustained effort to regulate risky investment banking, curtail tax avoidance and restructure the cuts so that key workers are not paying the ultimate price for something they didn’t cause or don’t even understand. Surely one less pointless war might have diverted enough funds to solve the housing crisis, save public sector pensions and keep local services alive? When the Government speaks of a reserve fund for Libya, what is to stop them announcing a similar secret fund for their own people? Hard working citizens are struggling, as the cost of living rises month by month, yet average wages haven’t gone up in fifty years. It just doesn’t add up.

The time bomb of rising inflation and shortage of blue collar jobs are just some of the reasons why the protesters are in it for the long haul. This is potentially the most important protest in recent history. It’s not a march, it’s not a riot, it’s not even a rally. This is a respectable sit in by intelligent like minded people who ‘get it’. Why should big businesses profit to the tune of billions, yet pay proportionately less tax than a nurse on PAYE?

Whilst a mainstream socialist political party is not on offer these days, it is left to the electorate themselves to stand up for their own rights. Where successive Governments have failed to honestly represent us, it falls to the collective power of people to address a capitalist system that is out of control. As the rich get richer, the poor will inevitably become the majority, and the rich should beware… True democracy does allow for the majority to win out in the end.

In conclusion, the protest has hurt the establishment. Not just because the MP’s and bankers have been caught with their hands in the cookie jar, but because our greatest Cathedral, a symbol of hope, strength and freedom is forced to close it’s doors courtesy of democracy. The rights of the people and their liberty is the very thing St Paul’s has stood for three hundred years to represent. Its closure is a definitive moment in time and legitimises the cries of millions to whom politicians will be forced to listen.

Hear the full programme on the AUDIO page of my website http://www.anthonydavis.com

3 thoughts on “Why it is right to close St Paul’s Cathedral

  1. Well said Doghauss and Chrissie. Yes, thank goodness for our Voice of Reason on LBC – contributions from others (no names) on the subject of Occupy London have started to bring me out in hives. Well done Ant – thanks for ‘getting it’ and restoring the faith! Gawd bless ya.


  2. Anthony, First of all can I just say WELL DONE for taking the time and trouble to attend the peaceful protest, sit in on Saturday so YOU can tell it like it REALLY IS,as it seems that still some people are quite clearly not getting the MESSAGE,including a certain LBC presenter mentioning no names,who I felt compelled to send a text to yesterday morning after listening to a young man just trying to put his point across and was ridiculed in such a way his voice started to shake.What people don’t realize how important this particular protest which is so necessary and so long overdue really is and how it affects each and everyone of us.Maybe if you could have taken the stand Anthony at least the people perhaps would have understood a lot more as to why this particular protest was so IMPORTANT.Maybe something good will come out of it one can only hope.Once again well done. Chrissie in Hornchurch XX

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