I have some news

After almost eight years of mostly working at night on LBC 97.3, I have decided to take a break from my regular show. It’s been such an honour to broadcast to London during its most successful years and to have the opportunity to talk to so many interesting and informed people, whom I’m certain have done more to educate me than I have them. People who work at night will know how the late hours can take their toll on health and personal life, and for that reason alone I have taken the difficult decision to step down from the show. The good news is that I’m not leaving the company, and look forward to cropping up on LBC 97.3 elsewhere in the future. I’d like to extend sincere thanks to every producer, contributor and caller that has made the programme so popular – it has truly been a team effort.

Thank you, Anthony x

I’ll have further news in the coming days. Please follow me on Twitter for updates.

7 thoughts on “I have some news

  1. So upset for me that you’re leaving LBC, I hope they’ll find you ‘day spot’ and ask you back. Am pleased for you though and wish you all the best at Smooth Radio

  2. Oh my god, Anthony, no, don’t go!! In all seriousness Anthony, I am a radio fiend, I listen to the radio (Radio 4, London Live, LBC the dabble into R2) from morning and, because of you, into the night and early hours of the morning. I have been continuously impressed by your articulacy, rapid wit, the conscientiousness that meant you always invited leading voices of a particular issue onto your show to discuss the topic of the hour and ability to anchor the numerous breaking news items that have fallen into your shift, of late, these being the falling ceiling at the Apollo and Mandela’s death. I wish you all the best and will be programming Smooth onto my mp3, you’re an incredible broadcaster Anthony.

    PS: Actually, this will probably be better for my sleeping patterns, it is you that keeps me up into the night. God, I was so relieved when you moved from your 1:00am slot to the 10:00pm shift.

  3. I understand why you are leaving Anthony but cannot understand why LBC do not give you a better slot. I will really miss your warmth, humour and intelligent chat. Hope they come to their senses in the New Year.

    Happy Christmas and a healthy New Year.

    Lots of love x

  4. So sorry to see you go, Anthony. While I understand your decision, my week nights won’t be the same again. Your politeness, your intelligence and compassionate manner and your lovely speaking voice will be greatly missed by me and by many other listeners. Please come back soon!

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